Monitoring & Reporting



ecoprime’s control room is a base dedicated to the management of the photovoltaic plants. Attended by at least 2 operators, it enables supervision and monitoring of the photovoltaic plants on a 24h/day, 365d/year basis. The continuous monitoring of the plants enables a proactive and preventive approach aimed at problem prevention and solution. Plants are supervised on a continuative basis, 365 day a year, in order to anticipate any malfunctioning and manage technicians’ site interventions, by tracking any preventive and corrective activity, from the moment of acknowledgement to the resolution of the problem in a completely transparent way before the client. Each team, made up of a Project Manager and one or more technicians, is responsible for a portfolio of plants, for which it manages the monitoring including control of Inverter, String Box, Meters and field devices.

Real-time alarm management system

ecoprime has developed a range of tools for automated control able to verify the status of the plant, up to string level, reporting a prompt evaluation of the performance. In case of breakdowns, the monitoring devices and platforms generate alarms, which are delivered to and managed by the control room.

Performance Reporting

The Project Managers issue monthly reports featuring the main functioning parameters and a general framework of the events concerning the plant. Data are collected in the report into different sections with various detail levels. The report includes the status of preventive maintenance procedure and the list of interventions of corrective maintenance.

Ticketing System

Each intervention of preventive and corrective maintenance is managed by a ticketing system, which allows a continuous dialog among Project Manager, technicians and client. The system enables an intelligent management of faults on critical elements, which allows the beginning of a dedicated procedure aimed at a prompt resolution of the breakdown. The system tracks the events and files the related documentation (even photographic) during the whole plant’s lifetime.

Dedicated app

Our dedicated App for smartphones allows the technicians to carry out a real-time monitoring of the plant, together with the plant’s management and the update of intervention tickets. Our technicians are therefore able to deliver prompt information for the resolution of a problem.

Web Video-surveillance

With its knowledge, aimed at satisfying the needs of clients and surveillance companies, ecoprime has developed a web platform of video-surveillance allowing the control of CCTV systems without the need of proprietary software or cumbersome configurations. The system is accessible for both surveillance companies and clients through any common browser.